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About Oreana

Oreana is a Latin word, and the meaning of the name Oreana is "sunrise". Oreana is a version of Oriana (Latin): from the same root as Aurora. As sunrise rejuvenates you with new hope everyday; Oreana brings a change in your life by enhancing and restoring your look. Oreana is an exclusive centre which was established by Dr Vikas Malviya and managed by maxillofacial surgeon Dr Ankit Pandey. They offer hair transplant, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures with standards equivalent to international norms.

Oreana has all the operating facilities for hair transplantation, cosmetic procedures and minor plastic surgery procedures. All the staff is dedicated to make you comfortable with safety an absolute priority. For major surgical procedures Dr. Vikas malviya also has operating privileges at J.K. Hospital (LN medical college); a renowned hospital and medical college in Bhopal.

About Dr Vikas Malviya

Dr. Vikas Malviya a leading plastic surgeon in Bhopal working as Assistant Professor in LN medical college in Department of General Surgery.

Dr. Vikas Malviya is trained in maxillofacial surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as general surgery. Dr. Vikas Malviya developed a personal philosophy that the plastic surgery is a science and an art. He approaches each surgical procedure from an artistic point of view; delivering results that help patients feel more comfortable with their appearance.

He is committed to excellence in all fields of plastic surgery like maxillofacial surgery, hair transplantation, Microvascular surgery, hand surgery, reconstructive surgery, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. Combining medical and surgical knowledge with artistic intuition, Dr. Vikas Malviya produces natural cosmetic transformations.

Team Oreana

Each member of team Oreana has completed extensive training and adheres to strict code of ethics. Dr Ankit Pandey is a maxillofacial surgeon trained in dental and facial aesthetic procedures.

Dr Ankit Pandey

maxillofacial surgeon trained in dental and facial aesthetic procedures

Consultation with Dr. Vikas Malviya

Besides the procedure itself, your plastic surgery consultation is one of the most vital parts of the entire process. Dr. Vikas Malviya aims to cultivate trust and understanding with his patients, and this important relationship begins with a consultation, which are essentially an introduction and a friendly, informative meeting between you and Vikas Malviya. At your consultation, he will address your questions and concerns, and he can better determine whether you’re a good candidate for your desired procedure. Together, you can explore the best possible options to meet your aesthetic and cosmetic needs. His goal as your plastic surgeon is for you to be informed and comfortable, every step of the procedures.

Training and Education

Dr. Vikas Malviya attended Gandhi Medical College Bhopal for his undergraduate education and completed M.B.B.S. degree in year 1997 and later advanced to SSMC Rewa, earning a degree of M.S. (General surgery) in the year 2007. He further developed his medical and surgical knowledge and gained valuable experience while spending many years in general surgery practice in various hospitals of Delhi like Max hospital, Lady Harding medical college and Babu Jagjivanram hospital.

After finishing training in general surgery, Dr. Vikas Malviya completed his residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Banaras Hindu University Varanasi in the year 2017 and received his MCh (Plastic surgery) degree. Throughout this period of rigorous training and education, Dr. Vikas Malviya established a foundation of excellence that he continues to uphold in his career. During this time and throughout his training, he studied under and worked with some of the leading figures in Plastic surgery like Prof. V. Bhattacharya and Prof. P. Jain.

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 Dr. Vikas Malviya